The Best Marketing Strategies for Dentists

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Dental marketing is basically marketing tactics and strategies that dental clinics and practices use to retain and attract patients.

The key goal of these strategies is to get all the potential patients to book online appointments or make phone calls.

There are many marketing strategies for dentists to choose from, making it hard to choose the best. But many experts have suggested the following strategies for marketing for dentists and dental clinics:

1.    Build a Social Media Community

Social media can give your dental practice a great way to reach out to all the potential patients and strengthen or build relationships. This applies to existing patients as well.

When a person follows you on different social media platforms, they won’t just hear from you every six months. They are also going to have constant communication throughout.

Facebook, for instance, is a perfect forum that dentists may use to establish an online community with patients.

Apart from generating conversion and being in touch, you may as well give updates and important details, including contact information. This will give new patients more touchpoints and a better impression every time they find you.

2.    Optimize and Update Your GMB

Google My Business (GMB) page is a great dental marketing strategy for dentists, which is simple to deal with and can make an impact in attracting new customers.

For instance, if you Google restaurants to have dinner and it brings a search of nearby results depending on location, this is referred to as Google Local Park.

These details are usually pulled from different GMB pages. This is why it is imperative to include the following when listing your dental practice:

  • Review section
  • Working hours
  • Phone numbers
  • Business description
  • Location

3.    Improve Website’s Conversion

Designs of a website come with a shelf-life of just a few years. User behavior and trends change faster, so if the expiration date of your website has passed you might want to consider updating it.

There are a lot of dental marketing solutions which provide beautiful website designs. Don’t just focus on the beauty of your site. Be sure to also focus on the key features which can make your site high-converting.

4.    Increase the Yelp Reviews

Yelp is a perfect platform to reach millennials. It is also one of the first places most millennials visit to look for reliable dentists.

Some reports show that more than 90% of customers believe in online reviews as they do with personal recommendations.

So it is imperative to include your business listing on this platform and stimulate positive reviews from several patients.

5.    Take Advantage of SEO

According to reports, searches for services and businesses, which include ‘near me’ have intensified by 200% since 2020.

This proves that users, including many dental patients, opt to look for businesses that are near them. That means when your SEO strategies are better, your practice will likely rank on the first page of a search engine, such as Google.

The Takeaway!

Your success as a professional dentist depends on the marketing strategies you implement, especially when you choose to open a new clinic.

Choosing the best dental marketing strategies will ensure you increase the retention rate of existing patients and get new ones.

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