The Insights of Vietnam Software Development Market

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Vietnam software development outsourcing is booming, with Vietnam becoming a key player in the global software outsourcing market. software outsourcing companies in Vietnam are gaining more and more international recognition as they provide quality IT services to their clients. Vietnam’s software development industry has seen rapid growth over the last decade, with Vietnam now boasting around 6,000+ active IT companies that offer everything from application development to website design.

The right offshore development project can be a lucrative and satisfying endeavor for any company looking to grow its business. Here are 10 insights you should know before embarking on such an ambitious journey:

Diverse technical skill sets

The inability to specialize in any one area is what makes the Vietnamese engineer so valuable. They have a diverse set of skills from Backend, Frontend, and Full-stack projects as well as Database work which offers them flexibility when handling different requirements for clients or companies needing these types of assistance.

The major technical abilities among this population can include:

  • Database: Oracle, Redis, SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Front end: Magento, Angular and ReactJS, WordPress, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Backend developers: Ruby/Ruby on Rails, C, Scala, Java, Pers, .Net, NodeJS, PHP, Goland, and Python
  • Full-stack developer
  • Mobile: Xamarin, iOS, Android

As you can see, there are many different positions that serve the project end-to-end. These professionals include business analysis and project managers, among others, to complete your work with excellence.

High outsourcing readiness

Vietnam software development outsourcing is a promising outsourcing destination that provides many opportunities. The country already holds about 400 thousand IT engineers, and this number will continue to grow, with nearly 50 thousand graduating annually from 153 schools. With so much talent in one place, it’s no wonder why Vietnam has become an attractive location for companies seeking top-notch workers. 

In the last few years, Vietnam has become a popular outsourcing destination for both manufacturers and developers. 

In fact more than half of their population is under 30, which makes them youthful with quick learning capabilities that provide an edge in technology fields such as software development, where they’re being used by some well-known companies like Intel, who have chosen this country’s manufacturing facilities while also utilizing its R&D strengths to produce innovative products from chipsets all the way through networking equipment design.

Moderate English proficiency

Software outsourcing companies in Vietnam have a solid foundation in STEM education, and this makes them good at technical work. However, they might not be so skilled when it comes to English reading or writing skills as well as speaking the language. The majority of developers working for companies located within Vietnam communicate via email and chat software such as Microsoft Teamtalk (a proprietary platform).

Engineering in Vietnam is largely technical and STEM-focused. This means their English might not be as strong, but they can read and write very well for native speakers of the language with some training from abroad firms or schools here on our soil. Besides, engineering education starts early; engineers must have at least basic conversational skills through chat apps like Facebook Messenger’s “prescribed VNM international” platform. 

Scrum & Agile dominance

In today’s competitive market, developers need to be able to develop and deliver products quickly. In Vietnam, IT skills are in high demand and expensive to hire due to their scarcity – much less than other countries with larger populations such as India or China. 

Software development using agile methodologies has become more popular because it gives them an advantage over others by providing faster delivery times without sacrificing the quality of workmanship. Maintaining performance standards while simultaneously striving towards future goals is no easy task. However, there seems little room for error when working within these parameters since everything has been thought of beforehand, so nothing can go wrong during the execution phase. 

Indirect communication

Vietnam is a country of many different cultures, and it can be difficult to understand Vietnamese culture when they communicate indirectly. However, this kind-heartedness leads them toward being very polite, which often causes problems while trying to get feedback from your employees, especially if you want negative comments heard loud and clear.

 To prevent these issues, we recommend setting some fundamental rules about how information should flow between parties involved so there won’t ever be any questions on what was said or who did something first. And don’t forget everyone needs agreement before anything starts – make sure all agree on upfront as well.

Vietnamese developers often feel guilty if the deadline for an important project is hard to meet. They might not notify you in advance because they know it’s your responsibility as their boss or client, but that doesn’t mean this should go unnoticed. The solution here would be clear expectations about missing deadlines and paying attention when receiving any warning signals telling them there may still be time left on these projects before deadlines arrive at all. No matter how insignificant they seem at first glance, this virtue has played a key role in shaping Vietnam software development market.

National holidays

In the Vietnamese calendar, there are many holidays that celebrate important events in their culture. They range from New Year’s Day (1 January) to Hung Kings Commemoration Day on 10 March. A lunar-based holiday celebrates Vietnam’s king and his generals who established independence against colonial powers following French rule over neighboring Tonkin beginning in 1883 AD. Other notable celebrations include Reunification Day(30 April), Labor Day 1 May) Tet Festival Late Jan/Early Feb), National day 2 September),. 

Tet Holiday – Lunar New Year is the longest one among Vietnamese holidays as it involves ten days off. It would be best if you make your Vietnamese outsourcing partner give you advance notice of this vacation to adjust your working plan accordingly.” 

Shy but kind

In general, Vietnamese people are shy. This isn’t a behavior pattern exclusive to those who work with computers because many engineers can be found lurking behind their screens all day long. Team-building activities at tech companies such as monthly team-building parties and project release events help make employees in the Vietnam software development outsourcing more open-minded. However, there’s no need for celebrations here – just enjoy yourself while you’re working together on something new.

There is plenty going on in an office setting that will allow everybody from the management level down to engage socially. However, these social gatherings might take different forms depending upon exactly what kind of organization they serve. Some organizations may have festivals, whereas other businesses.

Despite the fact that there are rare political relationships in this industry, Vietnamese engineers tend to be very supportive, and their teamwork is quite good. Generally speaking, gender or racism discrimination isn’t present within either country’s IT sector, which helps keep things running smoothly for everyone involved with a project from start to finish.

Many people in the Vietnam software development outsourcing value teamwork and often face discrimination because of their race, gender, or nationality. For example, Vietnamese engineers are highly supported by other members within their workplace, so they can work well together despite any differences among them being there at first glance without much thought put into it otherwise. However, this is not always true elsewhere around the world, which leads us to our conclusion here about how important communication between parties really does seem, especially when you’re trying your best but might have trouble understanding others’ intentions due to a lack of language skills. 

Final Thoughts

The Vietnam software development outsourcing is a huge opportunity for software outsourcing companies. Vietnam has one of the best factors in software development, which are low cost and high quality. Vietnam also offers many opportunities to grow both on-shore and offshore business operations. This Vietnam Report 2017 provides insight into how this market will evolve in the future and the Vietnam outsourcing trends.

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