Promoting Your Business: Toronto’s Corporate Video Production Companies

Video production image 49939929939949As an industry, corporate video production has become more popular with the rise of the internet and society’s increasing reliance on social media.

Great strides have been made in the video production process, with innovations in the past 5 years alone changing the way the world communicates and broadcasts their messages.

From training videos to business communication, corporate video production is able to solve your varied informative and promotional needs.

Various corporate video production companies can be found in Toronto, suiting a wide range of budgets and styles.

What is Corporate Video Used For?

Video is known as the strongest form of marketing and dissemination of information.

According to a 2011 market research survey by Invodo, 52% of consumers say that watching videos inspires confidence in a company, making them more likely to purchase their products or services.

Corporate video can be used for a variety of reasons from human resources (HR), to sales marketing, to social media.

Corporate videos can either be used internally, to teach employees in the form of training and informational videos, or to promote the company or organization externally, through marketing and promotion.

Video production image 1112345 Main Types of Corporate Videos

5 main types of corporate videos are available through corporate video production companies.

  • Training Videos – These are often produced to be used internally. They address company problems and can be used to train employees.
  • Corporate Communications – Like training videos, these are also for internal company use and are made to easily deliver company messages and information to employees.
  • Promotional Videos/Video Marketing – This type of video is usually for the external market and is used to boosts the brand name of a service or product.
  • Event Videos – These videos are made to document company conferences and events. They can be used internally for training purposes, or externally for promotional use.
  • Drone Videos – The newest innovation in corporate videos, drone videos provide a unique perspective and make a strong statement.

Corporate Video Production Companies in Toronto

A great variety of corporate video production companies exist in Toronto.

They are conveniently spread out all over the city, allowing individuals living in all areas easy access.

In the downtown core, Bathurst Quay, Church-Yonge Corridor, The Annex, and Parliament Street and Richmond Street East are all easily accessible.

In the west end, High Park-Swansea and in the east end, Woodbine Avenue and Kingston Road offer options as well.

Outside of the city, Vaughn is a quick drive from the downtown core.

Cost of Corporate Video Production

Many Toronto companies offer free quotes for their services, so do not hesitate to shop around for the best deal.

Online portfolios are often available as well.

The cost of corporate video production varies. Packages are usually available ranging from basic starter kits, to more complex packages.

  • Starter Kits – These usually offer approximately 5 hours of on location production, 15 hours of post-production, a 1-minute video, and cuts for social media. – Approximately $1,500 CAD.
  • Mid-Range Kits – These usually offer 8 hours of on location production, up to 30 hours post-production, a 2-minute video, and social media cuts. – Approximately $2,500 CAD.
  • Complex Packages – These usually offer 12 hours of on location production, up to 50 hours of post-production, a 3-minute video, and cuts for social media, among other things, like customized audio tracks. – Approximately $5,500 CAD.

Corporate Video Production Process

The corporate video process consists of 3 stages:

  • Pre-Production – This stage consists of everything that occurs before the actual video shoot. It includes the initial meeting with producers to discuss ideas, style, scripting, logistics of the shoot, such as casting, location, scheduling, travel arrangements, and licenses.
  • Production – This stage consists of the actual filming process with crew. Many companies offer 1-2 person crews for simple videos, to 3 or more for more complex projects. Many projects take about 8-10 hours, so be prepared for a long day.
  • Post- Production – This stage consists of everything that occurs after the filming process. This includes editing footage, adding text, graphics, voice over and music. This is often the longest stage. Footage must be assembled, a rough cut made, followed by the final cut.

Finding the Perfect Video Production Company

It is easy to find the perfect video production company by searching reviews and checking on Toronto’s version of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Reviews can also be found on various other websites that can easily be found through a Google search.

Searching through production companies’ social media accounts will also reveal a wealth of information through links, comments, and additional showcasing of projects. Social media accounts are often updated much more frequently than official websites and often show a more intimate and personal look at those behind the camera.

A great deal of corporate video production companies are available in the Toronto area for all budgets and for a variety of purposes. Finding the perfect one to suit your needs is now easier than ever.

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