Uber launches “Ride Request” button for third-party apps

Uber is launching a new ‘Ride Request’ button which third-party developers can add to their apps for free.

The “Uber Ride Request Button”, which is just a few lines of code, integrates Uber with a third-party app via a button which users can tap to request a ride.


Examples of what the button looks like once integrated into an app.

Head of Product, Uber Developer Platform, Chris Saad, posted the following on the Uber Developers blog:

“Today we’re excited to announce the first version of a new kind of button – the official Uber Ride Request Button. This button is one that you, as a developer, can quickly grab and add to your own iOS or Android apps with just a few lines of code.

“By adding the button next to every address or ‘intent to ride’ in your App, your users will be able to tap to instantly get a ride to the hotel, restaurant, movie theater or any other destination you specify. This will help you offer a differentiated feature for your users, provide a magical experience for riders and even earn additional revenue your business.”

Developers need to register their apps on the company’s website to get access to the code.

The ride-sharing giant is also enticing developers to take part by paying them $5 for every new U.S.-based customer that uses the “Uber Ride Request Button”.