Uber launches app that connects gig economy workers with employers

adults-apron-counter-580613Uber has launched a new app called ‘Uber Works’ that connects gig economy workers with temporary work offered by employers across a range of industries.

The gig economy is where businesses hire freelancers, part-timers and short-term contract workers instead of permanent, full-time employees.

According to an official blog post, Uber Works provides users with detailed information about shifts they may be interested in and provides details about gross pay, work location and skills, or required attire.

Uber said that workers can also use the platform to track working hours and breaks.

The new platform is currently only available in Chicago, where it has been tested for the past year. However, Uber says it has plans to expand the platform to more areas in the future.

“We believe a new, technology-first approach can provide faster and easier means for people to get work, while offering greater insight into the many opportunities for work that are out there — improving the experience for workers and businesses alike,” the company said.

Uber says that the platform will provide “a reliable pool of vetted and qualified workers” to help businesses reduce scheduling headaches, weather seasonal variations, and staff up for unexpected surges in demand.

“We believe Uber Works presents a real opportunity to help improve the quality and access of work through technology. For us, it’s clear we are just at the beginning of the journey. The Uber Works team is committed to the task ahead as we learn and explore how we can be a part of the solution,” the company said.

Uber Works will compete with rival platforms that provide similar services, such as Fiverr, TaskRabbit and Mechanical Turk.