UFO near International Space Station reflections says NASA many unconvinced

A UFO filmed near the International Space Station is no such thing NASA says, claiming that unidentified flying object sightings do not occur and that the video that was posted on YouTube was simply reflected light. Many in the UFO seeking community are unconvinced by NASA’s explanation.

The alleged UFO was seen flying alongside the International Space Station in low Earth orbit.

UFO seekers, Streetcap1, UFO Sightings Daily, Secureteam 10, and several others say the reflections coming from the ISS’s windows or lights from Earth cannot explain the latest video footage (bottom of page).

A UFO or trick of light near ISSThis image was captured by one of the cameras on the International Space Station. What do you think – a UFO or a reflection or trick of light? (Image: UFO Sightings Daily)

Scott C. Waring, who runs UFO Sightings Daily, says that it is easy to make out that the ‘shininess’ in the image is caused by the mysterious object’s metallic surface.

Mr. Waring adds:

“It’s not a perfect disk, but does have areas of the disk that push outward as we see in the photo. It’s easy to see that this is not any space Russian Soyuz capsule or any shipment sent to the space station.”

He then claims that the image is one of the best examples of a UFO at the space station that he has seen in many years, and takes his hat off to Streetcap1, who first spotted the object.

Mr. Waring then wonders why NASA decides to ignore all the ‘thousands’ of UFOs on YouTube that have been recorded at ISS.

Weird object flying near ISSThis object was filmed by an ISS camera in February this year. It was flying around the space station for quite a long time. The image was posted online by a Russian UFO hunter who said it occurred while the ISS was waiting for delivery supplies. (Image: YouTube)

The UFO seeker says:

“I guess when your head’s in the clouds, the public’s opinion means nothing to you anymore. It may be time for the public to take over NASA and run it the right way.”

Most UFO hunters are convinced that the high incidence of sightings filmed on the live ISS stream means that the space station is one of several spacecraft orbiting the Earth, many of which belong to intelligent life forms from other parts of the Universe.

A growing number of people are wondering why on many occasions the ISS live stream suddenly shuts down just a few seconds after a UFO appears on the screen.

Scott Kelly takes pic of UFOAn image tweeted by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly from the International Space Station over India in November last year. Many people wonder what that object is on the top right. (Image: twitter.com/StationCDRKelly)

Horseshoe UFO near ISS in April

In April this year, a bizarre horseshoe-shaped UFO appeared on the ISS live feed, after which transmission was suddenly stopped. The shutting down of the feed prompted accusations by many alien enthusiasts of deliberate censorship.

A glowing blue object could be seen floating in space on the horizon, it was gradually approaching the space station. Suddenly, the feed went blank (blue), and remained like that for about one hour, after a which a much smaller white light could be seen in the distance.

UFO shaped like horsehoe near ISSThis object suddenly appeared right on the horizon, moved slightly upwards on the screen and remained there for about two minutes. Why did the live feed suddenly go blank? (Image: YouTube).

Mr. Waring, Secureteam10 and other UFO groups believe that the smaller UFO seen later, when the live feed came back on, was the same alien craft and say that is ‘proof that it could not have been a reflection’ or trick of light’.

Mr. Waring made the following comment regarding what he saw on the feed:

“It was diamond shaped and it seemed to be changing its shape, but I think that’s due to it moving ever so closer to the ISS.”

“As the UFO came closer and began to come into focus, the screen turned blue. NASA always turns the screen blue if they see a UFO, in an attempt – failed attempt mind you – to hide it from the public.”

Video – UFO near International Space Station

In this video, taken by an ISS camera, you can see an object moving downwards, appearing from behind the solar panel at the top of the screen.