UFO shaped like flying saucer seen and photographed in Devon

A man saw a UFO shaped like a flying saucer in the skies of Devon, England, and photographed it. Insisting it was some kind of spacecraft that was clearly not made by humans on this planet, he said he saw it moving across the sky before it simply ‘vanished’.

Ever since the new US television series – the X-Files – returned to our screens this year, the number of alleged UFO sightings and alien encounters in the United Kingdom has increased considerably.

John Witness described how he saw the flying saucer-shaped object flying in the sky over Newton Abbot in Devon. He took photographs of the domed-top unidentified flying object (UFO), which he claimed he spotted in January.

UFO spotted in DevonJohn is convinced this object he saw on 19th January moving about in the sky was an alien flying saucer. (Image: latest-ufo-sightings.net)

In a Report posted on Latest UFO Sightings, Mr. Witness wrote:

“I had an incredible sighting on the 19th of January 2016 of a flying saucer. I was sky watching when I noticed a black object far off in the distance in the direction I was looking. The black object got bigger as it got closer. I could clearly see that the object was in fact a flying saucer and I could see a dome on the top of the saucer.”

“The flying saucer turned back in the direction from where it had come from and then disappeared off into the distance and out of sight. I got a very good look at this alien craft and all I can say is WOW!”

“I also managed to take 20 photographs of this amazing mechanical saucer. The photographs were taken on the 19th of January 2016 the time was approximately 1:10 PM at Newton Abbot Devon UK.”

UFO HotspotNewton Abbott has become the UK’s UFO hotspot so far this year, with a surprising number of UFO sightings being reported by residents and visitors. (Image: Google)

Another UFO also spotted in Devon

Another person, also called John, wrote in Latest UFO Sightings that he too saw a UFO flying in the skies of Newton Abbot in Devon one day later, on 20th January, 2016. He says he managed to zoom in on the bizarre object with his Sony HX300 camera.

When he looked through the camera’s viewfinder, John said he could just about see it. He claims he spotted what appeared to be a big, red object with an unusual shape.

John said he had trouble keeping the UFO in the camera’s viewfinder because it was flying erratically up and down and from side to side. Even though his camera has image stabilization, at fifty times optical zoom it was still next to impossible to get the elusive object centered.

He insists it could not have been an airplane, drone or helicopter – none of them would have moved so erratically.

Second UFO spotted at Newton AbbotThis picture is part of the second sighting of a UFO in the skies of Newton Abbot, a market town in Devon with a population of 25,556.  (Image:latest-ufo-sightings.net)

John wrote:

“What is it an alien craft or something else? I am seeing an increasing number of objects like these in the skies over Devon. These objects seem to be aware of me and seem to know when I am pointing my camera in their direction. it’s incredible but very strange.”

“I only managed to take one photograph. The photograph was taken on the 20th of ‎January ‎2016 at Newton Abbot Devon UK.”

UFO cluster spotted in Kent

Earlier this month, a UFO cluster was spotted and filmed in the skies of Kent, south east England. The sightings, witnessed by several local residents, had many people wondering what it was.

The Ministry of Defense said it had nothing to do with them because they had no airplanes, helicopters, drones or any other kind of related activity in the area when the UFOs were witnessed.

UFO cluster seen over KentThese luminous objects flying about in the sky were seen by several people over an area covering 12 miles.

What made this reported sighting more convincing than most was that several people within 12 miles of each other claimed to have seen the same cluster in the sky over a period of thirty minutes. Some of them took pictures or recorded them on video.

Kent resident, Jack Harvey, videoed the mysterious luminous objects flying in the sky, apparently in formation. Mr. Harvey made the following comment when he posted his film online: “These fire box things just dropped out of the sky over Folkstone – anyone idea?”

The UFO cluster was also seen by a number of individuals in Hythe, twelve miles from where Mr. Harvey filmed them.

The number of UFO sightings over the last few months has increased markedly. Read about some of them in our dedicated web page. Alien enthusiasts say this is because the authorities are no longer able to hide the mounting evidence of extraterrestrials, while psychologists say the increase is probably because of the flood of sci-fi movies and TV shows that have hit our screens since the beginning of November.

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