US Internet launches fastest internet service in the world

A Minnesota-based company is offering internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, which is the fastest service the world has ever seen.

The service, being provided by US Internet, will make Minneapolis the first city in the world to receive access to such high internet speeds.

Joe Caldwell, CEO of US Internet, said that the service is going to be faster than anything seen before.

However, the service does come at a steep price.

The new 10 GBPS service costs $400 per month and is currently offered to 30-thousand households in Minneapolis.

According to Caldwell, over the next few years he hopes that coverage can be expanded to “all the towns inside the 494 to 694 loop.”

“No one on planet earth offers 10 GBPS Internet,” Caldwell said. “It does not exists unless you are a Fortune 500 company and you want to spend $100,000 a month for internet.”

US Internet 10 GB internet service

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In a statement Joe Caldwell said:

“One movie will take less than one second to download. We are talking about a game changing speed. The internet that is coming to the residents of Minneapolis not only will be the fastest in the world there will be countries, literally whole countries that don’t have the same amount of Internet that feeds the entire country than these people will have in their homes.”

According to the company’s website:

“Google is introducing a similar network in 2017; Verizon is currently testing their 10G GBPS, but have no implementation date; US INTERNET is tested and ready to be in your home’s at effective December 18th 2014”