10 things to know about using vape pens

Statistics show that 7 out of 10 smokers want to quit. Ceasing smoking is the best thing one can do to save his or her health. Moreover, a majority of these smokers switch to using vape pens to ease their process of quitting smoking. Below are 10 things you should know about using vape pens.

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1. Vape pens are a healthier alternative to smoking

Vape pens heat e-liquids/ vape juices to create vapor that the user inhales. Conversely, smoking involves combusting the concentrate, which usually releases toxic substances. Inhaling these substances can harm your health.

By eliminating combustion, when consuming concentrates in vapor form, vape pens provide a healthier alternative that is as effective as smoking.

2. Vape pens do not have unpleasant odors

One of the benefits of using a vape pen is keeping your car, clothes, office, or house free from smelling smoke. Even vape pens containing some tobacco/ nicotine do not smell anything closer to burning joints, blunts, or cigarettes. Besides, the e-liquids and vape juices used in vape pens contain some botanical terpenes that give the vapor different aromas, including fruity and mint flavors. Some brands use synthetic flavorings for their e-liquids but most people prefer natural flavorings (terpenes).

3. Vape pens give you control over the amount of nicotine you intake

Vape pens offer you better control over nicotine dosage. E-liquids exist in a variety of strengths, including nicotine-free, low-strength nicotine, and high-strength nicotine. You can choose the strength that is most ideal for you. If you have never smoked before, nicotine-free e-liquids could be your ideal choice. Many people who switch from smoking to vaping start with high-strength nicotine e-liquids as they work their way down.

4. Vape pens allow you to customize your experience

Most modern vape pens have variable voltage batteries/ temperature settings that allow you to customize your experience. Low-temperature settings create hits that are filled with vape juice’s taste. On the contrary, high-temperature settings will create cloudy and more effective hits that are less flavorful. If you set a vape pen at extremely high temperatures, you will inhale harsh hits that may burn your throat.

5. Vape pens offer instant gratification

Although some advanced vape pens may require some initial steps before using them, some come pre-filled and ready for use right away. Otherwise, vape pens are very user-friendly devices that do not require any experience. Nevertheless, you should always check out the user manual for your device which is normally available on the brand’s website or in the packaging.

6. Vape pens are portable and discrete

The average size of vape pens allows you to carry them around in your pocket or your hands. Besides, due to their odorless nature, you can use these devices without getting noticed.

7. The safety of vape pens depends on the brand you choose

High-quality vape pens have a greater safety degree.  A good vape pen should have an array of safety features such as the 5x click on/ off safety feature that keeps you safe from burns when carrying it in your pocket or hands. Its vapor path should be made of food-grade and medical-grade materials which do not release any toxins when heated.

Furthermore, the e-liquids or concentrates that you use in your vape pens should have results/ reports from certified third-party lab tests. These results help verify their safety, potency, and quality to the users.

8. Some vape pens may not be legal in your location

Some laws particularly regarding cannabis prohibit the consumption of certain types of concentrates. For example, THC oil vape pens are illegal in some states of the US and legal in others. Best CBD vape pens and other vaporizers are legal under US federal law but they are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore you should always check the legality status of vaping a certain concentrate in your state before you try it out.

9. Different types of vape pens

Vape pens are usually classified based on the type of concentrate that they are used to vape. Some of the common types of vape pens include:

  • Nicotine vape pens
  • CBD oil vape pens
  • THC oil vape pens

10. Vape pens should be used by people aged 21 years and above

Despite vape pens being popular devices in the consumption of medical marijuana, the usage of these devices is only permitted for people aged 21 years and above. Many reports show that many teens are using vape pens, which is a major concern for the authorities.

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