What is The Best Software For Monitoring Employees?

Keeping up with employee activities and ongoing projects through paper reports, emails, and cubicle visitation is no longer the most effective way to monitor your staff and maximize their productivity. Coupled with the inclusion of remote workers on a project-to-project basis, the need for real-time team monitoring has never been more critical.

This is where top best employee monitoring software comes in.

Luckily, there are various tools for employee monitoring that you could easily find online. However, in this article, I’ve outlined five (5) of The Best Software For Monitoring Employees based on their utility, convenience, and pricing.

The good thing about these tools/software (which I’ll introduce to you shortly) is that they not only make it possible to monitor and evaluate your employees’ performance but also promote transparency in a conducive and cooperative work environment.

Without taking too much of your time let’s review the five best employee monitoring software options available in 2022.


Our top recommended employee monitoring software in 2022 is none other than Kickidler.

Kickidler is an efficient, user-friendly, and affordable employee monitoring software that can help you supervise and visually assess what your office and remote employees are doing at their work stations, without disrupting their working process.

Kickidler deserves the top spot on our list because compared to the other software on this list it has a 100% higher work productivity effect and has made employee oversight incredibly easy.

Key Features

  • Kickidler provides a solution that allows you to view the screen of your employee(s) and find out what he is doing at any given moment.
  • It also offers an automated time tracking feature allowing you transparent, accurate, and unbiased monitoring power.
  • With the use of Kickidler’s productivity monitoring feature, you can identify the precise employees who are working diligently and those who are not.


  • “Kickidler Free” plan – $0 per month (per user)
  • “Kikidler Time Tracking” plan – $4.9 per month (per user)
  • “Kikidler Employee Monitoring” plan – $9.99 per month (per user)
  • “Kickidler Offline” plan – Get a quote on request

Note that you will get a reduced rate depending on the duration of your subscription (3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.). The higher the better.


Hubstaff is a top-rated all-in-one productivity software that allows you to accurately track employee activities in real time and also gain insights into your employees’ and freelancers’ workloads.

Hubstaff is unique because, on one hand, it focuses on tracking employee time and improving productivity, while on the other hand it strictly ensures that employee privacy is being secured and maintained.

Key Features

  • Hubstaff supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome extension, as well as iOS and Android devices.
  • Hubstaff has a detailed reporting system that allows you to uncover where time and money are being wasted.
  • It comes with smart GPS tracking features for easy management of remote workers.
  • It also provides HR managers with an automated payroll and invoicing system.


  • “Desk Free” plan – $0 (One user only)
  • “Desk Starter” plan – $140 per annum (Two users)
  • “Desk Pro” plan – $200 per annum (Two users)
  • “Enterprise” plan – Customized rates


Closely behind Hubstaff is Teramind, the leading security threat protection software. Teramind is another employee monitoring software that primarily deals with the monitoring of employees’ activities and the immediate detection of insider threats.

Essentially, the use of websites and applications, email, online meetings, file transfers, web chats, social media activity, keystrokes, clipboard operations, and even print jobs can all be monitored using Teramind.

Key Features

  • Teramind supports Windows, Windows Server, Mac, Citrix, VDI, VMware Horizon, and terminal servers.
  • Teramind grants you remote control over employee device(s) in a situation where sensitive company information is at risk.
  • You can create personalized rules to restrict the use of specific apps and websites.
  • Additionally, you have access to several reports, real-time alerts, and policy control features.


  • “Starter” plan – $28 per annum (5 team members)
  • “UAM” plan – $58 per annum (5 team members)
  • “DLP” plan – $70 per annum (5 team members)
  • “Enterprise” plan – Customized rates

Note that the number of team members can be adjusted based on the size of your organization.


ActivTrak is the next best program for monitoring employees in 2022. It is an easy-to-use cloud-based application that enables you to precisely analyze the daily work of your employees. ActivTrak also helps you keep tabs on the application and websites visited by your employees.

Monitoring employees involves more than just keeping an eye on them; it also involves ensuring the safety of your company, which ActivTrak can assist with.

Key Features

  • ActivTrak has a comprehensive monitoring system that allows you to track your employees’ daily activities.
  • ActivTrak allows you to take high-quality screenshots on a regular basis to see visual evidence of what’s happening on your employees’ screens.
  • ActivTrak comes with some additional features such as time tracking, website blocking, and many more.


  • “Free” plan – $0 per month (per user)
  • “Advanced” plan – $10 per month billed annually (per user)
  • “Premium” plan – $17 per month billed annually (per user)
  • “Enterprise” plan – Customized rates


Interguard is a highly rated and feature-rich employee monitoring software that protects against threats, assists with tracking and attendance, and also allows you to keep track of your employee’s productivity. Interguard gives you the control and supervision you need for efficient management.

Interguard is an excellent choice for employee monitoring because it can be installed on most devices (Android, PC, MacBook, IOS, virtual desktops) and monitors employees’ activities while working inside and outside of the office.

Key Features

  • Interguard assists you in maintaining thorough records of your employee’s progress, enabling you to gauge their level of diligence.
  • It helps with the detection and protection against insider threats or malicious users.


  • “Standard” plan – $25 per month (per user) or $179 per annum 52% off (per user)
  • “Enterprise” plan – Customized rates

Each of the outlined employee monitoring software is top-rated in its own market, and they each have a specific set of tools designed for a specific set of activities. Our advice to you is to choose the employee monitoring software that meets the specific goals and objectives of your business, company, or organization.

Thank you for reading through, we hope this was helpful.

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