What Makes a Good Thank You Page?

When businesses are designing their websites, it’s easy for the thank you page to become something of an afterthought: after all, you, have already got your customer to the point of making a purchase, which is the main aim for the vast majority of website owners. But to think this way would be short-sighted: in reality, a high quality thank you page can become an invisible selling machine, creating a full-good factor that will convert a one-time customer into a repeat customer with minimal effort. You can integrate landing page extensions simply into your site and then use a thank you page to capture even more targeted leads. So, what makes a good thank you page? Here’s everything you need to know:

Use Your Thank You Page to Ask for Something

Your thank you page is the perfect place to ask your customers for something: that could be referrals to their friends, social media ‘likes and shares’ or reviews and recommendations. Social shares are often so much less time consuming for a customer, and therefore easier to achieve, so this is a great starting point. This is especially true if your business targets a younger demographic, with teenagers considerably more likely to share something on social media than older users. Of course, not every business wants to grow a following on social media, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use social media to push more targeted audiences through your marketing funnels.

Incentivize and Reward

Not every customer is going to want to share the details of their favourite brands, or their most recent purchases, on social media. But you can increase the likelihood that you will receive social media shares or referrals to help grow your business if you offer an incentive or reward within your thank you page. Your thank you page can be utilised as an integral part of your discount strategy, and can be used to reward what you deem to be ‘good behaviour’: ask your newest customers to subscribe to your email newsletter, refer a friend, or share a post on social media in exchange for a discount on their next purchase, and not only are you widening your brand exposure, you are also turning a new one-off customer into a repeat customer. It really is a win-win situation.

Use Your Thank You Page to Nurture New Leads

So, you have secured a new customer? Well done! This is the start of your journey with this website user, not the end. Your role at this point is to work out what that customer needs, and ensure that your brand can provide it: are they aware of their needs, or still exploring them? Are they committed to their engagement with your brand, or is the relationship more tentative? Understanding this will dictate your next steps: cater to all of your users and guide them on their journey. Nurture these new leads, and your thank you page will work double duty, ensuring that not only do you reach new audiences, but that you also (and perhaps more importantly) forge a long-lasting connection to your new customer.

Source: www.mageworx.com (Mageworx Magento Marketplace)

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