Ancient coin proof aliens been here before says UFO seeker

An ancient coin carved from 150 to 350 years ago has what a well-known UFO seeker believes is proof that aliens have visited us several times in the past. The French coin has what looks like a flying saucer carved into it. However, several people have offered other non-extraterrestrial explanations for the engraving.

In fact, the artefact was not a proper coin, but rather a jeton – used for counting or playing games.

UFO-seeker, Scott Waring, who runs the website UFOSightingsDaily, insists that this ancient artefact is compelling proof that extraterrestrials have travelled to our planet many times throughout history.

UFO engraving in old French coinIs this an engraving of a flying-saucer, a mushroom, a sacred shield, or something else? Is this the compelling evidence we have all been seeking that aliens exist and have been here, or just another red herring? (Image:

Convinced 16th century France saw UFOs

Mr. Waring wrote:

“I’ve been looking for one of these off and on for a few weeks. It looks really amazing and is absolute proof that in the 1600s the French witnessed enough UFO sightings to decide to put one of what they saw on coins.”

These jetons, sometimes with a flying-saucer-like engraving, appear for sale on Ebay, and go from between $20 to $500 each, depending on the artefact’s condition.

A reader who wanted to remain anonymous, commented on Mr. Waring’s website that the debunkers claim the coin does not depict a flying saucer, but rather a mushroom.

Don Pepe wrote on the same page that the circular object on the coin represents an Ancile, or sacred shield of ancient Rome.

UFO near our SunApparently, many of these bizarre objects have been seen flying near the sun. (Image:

UFOs appear near our Sun

Mr. Waring has also reported this week on what he claims are UFOs flying around near our Sun and controlling how much sunlight we receive.

He says that seven years ago Russian scientists had observed several UFOs hovering close to the Sun, 24 hours a day, every day. Apparently, these unidentified flying objects are massive – larger than the Moon.

These UFOs appear to speed up and slow down suddenly for no apparent reasons, and abruptly make hard-right, 90 degree turns without decelerating.

Mr. Waring wrote:

“They are out there — around our Sun, doing God knows what. They may actually be controlling the Sun, to keep a steady temperature here on Earth, or they could be harvesting a very rare and powerful heavy element. Let’s hope they don’t make a mistake and barbecue our planet!”

Increase in sightings and encounters

Over the last few years, the number of alleged UFO sightings and alien encounters has increased dramatically. UFO seekers insist this is finally proof that they exist and that the authorities are losing the censorship battle.

Most psychologists, however, say the higher number correlates with an increase in sci-fi movies in our cinemas and similar themed series on TV and online services such as Netflix and Amazon. Many more people today walk around with a camera (in smartphones) compared to twenty years ago, which means more photographs are being taken of anything people see in the sky.

Video – UFOs near the sun?