Most Downloaded Apple AppStore Apps of 2019

At long last, Apple has released a list of the most downloaded iPhone apps for 2019, and the number one app may surprise some people. YouTube has edged the other social media apps out of the way, firmly marking its place as one of the most popular social media apps of the year.

Apple Appstore Apps YouTube image188The one thing Apple did not provide was download numbers, but it doesn’t change the fact that these are the top ten most downloaded iOS apps of 2019:

1. YouTube

The YouTube app takes the hassle out of watching videos, bringing the web app features to mobile users. Enjoy music, movies, educational videos, documentaries, and more, and enjoy brand new content added regularly. You can subscribe to your favorite channels, share them, and even start your own channel with your own content. Subscribe to channels with monthly membership fees, sign up to YouTube Premium, or enjoy what’s on offer for free. YouTube supports iOS 10 or above and is free to download from Apple AppStore with in-app purchases.

2. Instagram

One of the best photo and video sharing apps available right now, Instagram offers you a way of connecting with your friends, family, and followers and sharing your daily life with them.  You can share permanent videos and photos or those that disappear after 24 hours. Use creative tools to bring photos and videos to life, follow others and see what they share, use Direct Messaging to stay in touch with your friends and start conversations about other photos, videos, and comments on Stories and Feed.  You can even find businesses and brands and shop for products that suit you. Free to download from the Official AppValley page, Instagram is compatible with iOS 10 or higher.

3. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the best ways to have fun, a great way of sharing a moment with friends. Take a quick Snap, add effects, captions, and more, and send it on to your friends. Snapchat opens straight to the camera, enabling you to share a Snap within seconds. Enjoy selfie Lenses and filters, with new ones added daily, change how you look and play games with your own face.  Take advantage of live messaging, Group Stories, and start video chats with up to 16 friends at a time. Follow friends, watch Shows, Stories, and breaking news and take advantage of free cloud storage to store your Snaps. Free with in-app purchases, Snapchat works on iOS 10 or above.

4. Messenger

The mobile app for Facebook messaging, Messenger lets you keep in touch with your friends and family even when you are not logged into Facebook. Easily send messages and add photos, videos, and web links. Add stickers or GIFs to your message or choose from hundreds of emojis. Choose Dark Mode to cut down on glare, set up group chats, and record voice messages to send instead of text. You can even use Messenger to make a call to another friend or family member using the app.  In. the US, France, and the UK, Messenger can be used to send and receive secure payments by PayPal or by debit card. And, when you get bored, you can start a game. Free to download, Messenger required iOS 9 or above.

5. Facebook

In at 5th place is the Facebook app itself, allowing you to connect with people, communicate in private with them, see what your friends share to your News Feed, and share your own stuff. Watch videos, get involved in community pages, follow your favorite celebrities, and join marketplaces for buying and selling. Use your status to make announcements or just share how you are feeling. With millions of groups available, you are sure to find one that suits your tastes or if you just want to have some fun, play a game or two. Facebook is free to download although some apps may offer in-app purchases,  and is compatible with iOS 9 or above.

6. Bitmoji

Owned by Snapchat, Bitmoji is your emoji. Create your own personal avatar and use as your profile picture across your favorite apps. You can use it on Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, Gboard, iMessage, and more.  You can choose from hundreds of stickers in a library, each one featuring you and you can either start from scratch, building your avatar from the ground up or import a selfie and get to work on modifying it how you want. You can even link Bitmoji to Snapchat and unlock cool new features. Bitmoji is free to download and works on iOS 10 or above.

7. Netflix

Netflix is an easy way to watch your favorite TV shows and movies on the go. Packed with top-rated series, documentaries, movies, stand-up specials, and more, Netflix is a great way to relax while you travel. New content is added on a regular basis, and you can easily search for what you want, streaming direct to your device. The more you watch, the better the recommendations from Netflix. You can have up to five profiles on one account, allowing each person a personalized Netflix experience, see previews of movies and series, be notified of new episodes and you can download to watch offline. Free to download, Netflix does require a paid subscription and titles will vary based on region and country. It is compatible with iOS 11 or above.

8. Google Maps

After a rocky start, Google Maps has grown to become one of the most popular mapping apps. With more than 220 countries and millions of businesses now mapped, Google Maps takes you anywhere. Enjoy real-time navigation, traffic info, transit info, find restaurants, shops, landmarks, and more. Automatic re-routing saves time in the event of road closures, download maps to use offline, see street views and indoor images for some businesses and find your way around the airport or mall with indoor mapping. Free to download, Google Maps requires iOS 10 or above.

9. Gmail

The Gmail app makes keeping on top of your email easy.  Get all the features of the web app, including real-time notifications, support for multiple accounts, and an easy search facility. Get features such as Undo Send, new mail notifications, text prediction as you type, and the ability to switch between accounts. Swipe to archive or delete emails, organize your mail in-app, see and receive any attachment and see profile pictures in conversations. Gmail is free to download and requires iOS 11 or above.

10. Spotify

The most popular music streaming app in the world, Spotify makes it easy to listen to your favorite tracks and podcasts on the go. Easily search for tracks, albums, or artists, create your own playlist, and share it, choose from hundreds of ready-made playlists, and download thousands of podcasts. Listen for free and purchase a Premium subscription for even more cool features, including offline listening and ad-free music.  Free to download, subscription option and is compatible on iOS 10 or above.

Not too many surprises in that list except perhaps for YouTube taking the number one spot as the most used app in the younger population. Do you use these apps, or do you think others are better?