Best Bluetooth Alarm Clock: A Buying Guide

Bluetooth alarm clocks are a real marvel which in many ways seem well ahead of their time. There are tens of different types of them on the market today with different functions and capabilities. In this article we take you through some things you would want to consider when you decide to buy a Bluetooth alarm clock.

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What They Do

Traditional alarm clocks use a buzzer to tell you it’s time to get out of bed. That’s about all they do. Now thanks to ever improving technology things have changed and continue to do so. Smart alarm clocks have hit the market. One version we want to talk about here is the Bluetooth alarm clock. There are many types and versions available.

They are designed not to just wake you up but also perform many other tasks to make your life around the home easier and less stressful. The many different types available have different multiple functions, features and capabilities. Some offer much more than others. This great diversity can bewilder and overwhelm someone trying to decide on the one to buy.

What to Consider

1. Type of Alarm

Alarm settings for Bluetooth alarm clocks cover quite a range of sounds. You can opt for the rather loud traditional buzzing and beeping sound if you are a heavy sleeper. Then there are the familiar ringtones and alarm tones that play on smartphones.

Other Bluetooth alarm clock models allow you to pick your favourite song from your smartphone (or from an SD card) and install it as your alarm tone. Yet other models come with an integrated radio, usually FM and thus giving you the option to use radio as your wake-up alarm. So Bluetooth gives quiet a wide choice of alarm sounds and tones to choose from. You take your pick with the only limiting factor being your budget.

2. Sound Quality

For those planning to use the Bluetooth alarm clock as a speaker it is advised that you look for one with decent audio quality. Sound should be smooth with little or no distortions even when played at high volumes.

3. Power Source

There are two options to use as your Bluetooth clock power source. Some models plug into a mains power socket whilst others are battery powered. The better ones use both options simultaneously with the advantage that the back up battery goes on immediately the moment there is a power cut absolving you of the need to reset your alarm each time there is a power cut.

4. LED lights

Some of the fancier Bluetooth alarm clocks have built-in LED lights. These can serve as both night lights and also assist the selected alarm sound in waking you up. Once again, your pocket here becomes the deciding factor. The models with the extra features like LED lights  and the best sound quality generally tend to cost more.

Extra Features to Look Out For

Where your financial resources permit there are models on the market with some interesting features.

  • Music

The Bluetooth alarm clocks can be used as a Bluetooth speaker to enable you to play music whilst relaxing in your bedroom at any time of the day

  • Display

Some models have adjustable displays that can be dimmed or turned completely off. This is a nice touch as then the large easy to read numbers will not blind you as you enjoy your night sleep.

Integrated LED Display

This type has an integrated LED display that shows you the time, the date or the temperature. That’s just the start. It also has a smart device that can be used as a voice command central hub. This means it enables you to use voice commands to lock your doors, adjust doors or select music. It has an in-built sensor to adjust the level of lighting in the bedroom.

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