2019 Global Employee Monitoring Industry Statistics and Trends

Over the last few years, employee monitoring has been thrust into the limelight. Although technically, employee monitoring is nothing new, the current statistics and trends showcase just how far it has come.

To fully understand the current state of the global employee monitoring industry, there are a number of trends and statistics that should help to clearly illustrate it.

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Employees get periodic reports on their PC usage. As you can see, after the employee monitoring system became active, social media usage declined significantly. (Image: https://www.workexaminer.com/)

Growing By Leaps and Bounds

One fact that is certain is that employee monitoring is continually growing by leaps and bounds. Not long ago, the results of an American Management Association survey reported that over 80% of major companies monitor the phone, internet, and email usage of employees.

To put that in perspective, back in 1997 a similar survey reported that only 35% of companies monitored employees.

Other surveys have produced similar results that collaborate these findings such as a study that estimated up to 94% of organizations use some method of monitoring users (2017 Crowd Research).

Many businesses (and especially large businesses that have a lot of remote employees) are now also choosing to use company employees monitoring software so that they can keep track of how those employees are performing. So, if you need such a solution, have a look there as it’s easily the best that we have found.

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With in-depth Internet and computer usage monitoring, you can more effectively protect your sensitive data from theft. (Image: https://www.workexaminer.com/)

Tackling Insider Threats

Insider threats represent a big risk for companies nowadays. Whether intentionally or unintentionally there have been a number of data breaches that have been caused by the actions of insiders.

That fact is demonstrated by Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report that found insiders responsible for over 25% of the breaches that it studied.

In the case of WorkExaminer, insider threats can be dealt with in several ways. It can help flag any suspicious user behavior and will let you keep tabs on insiders in real-time if need be.

On top of that, you can use WorkExaminer to monitor emails, instant messaging chats, and other channels of communication. In short, it will help you ensure insiders don’t end up causing a data breach.

Compliance with New Regulations

In recent years new regulations have been introduced that govern data privacy and security such as SOX, HIPAA, and FISMA. To comply with these regulations, the use of employee monitoring software that can capture and save activity data is essential.

Simply put the new regulations have positioned employee monitoring software as a tool to track user activity and obtain the necessary documentation or evidence.

The features in WorkExaminer are definitely up to the task of collecting documentation and evidence. Its tools will let you save keystrokes, emails, message logs, and screenshots. Additionally, you can generate reports of user activity too.

Improving Productivity and Flexibility

Flexible working hours, the ‘gig’ economy, and working remotely are all trends that employee monitoring plays a part. It is being used by companies as a tool to track working hours and (more importantly) measure productivity.

By monitoring employee activity companies can determine how they’re spending working hours and whether or not their actions are productive or non-productive. It can indicate whether or not there is a need to intervene and take action or provide further training.

If you want you can easily set up WorkExaminer to track non-productive time spent and find ways to boost productivity. The summary that it generates of user activities will give you a great overview of which employees are productive and which ones are not.

In fact, the features in WorkExaminer will even let you directly take action and filter out any websites that may be causing time wastage – such as social media.

Final Words

All in all, you should have a clearer understanding of the trends and statistics that are shaping the global employee monitoring industry. It is also safe to say that you probably see how WorkExaminer fits these trends like a glove.

Make no mistake that is part of the root of its popularity, and it is why it is the perfect place to start if you’re looking to introduce employee monitoring in the workplace.

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