Google is best company to work for, while Twitter fell from top 50

Google Inc., which is usually in the top 50 companies to work for, won the number 1 spot this year on Glassdoor’s seventh annual awards, while Twitter, which was number 2 last year overall and number 1 for tech firms, got knocked off the top 50.

Glassdoor looks at employee feedback on companies with at least 1,000 workers. Google came top in both the US and UK.

Bain & Co came top last year, while Facebook won in 2011 and 2013.

It seems Google employees really do love all that free gourmet food, yoga classes and on-site laundry – but there are other things Google also offers that they appreciate.

According to the 2015 rankings (this year’s), employees love Google’s perks, good pay, its CEO Larry Page, and its work/life balance.

Twitter has had an unsettled year, it has faced management turnover and disgruntled engineers.

CNBC quoted Robert Hohman, Glassdoor’s CEO, who said “(Twitter was) probably the single biggest change and surprise this year.”

Top companies to work for

Source: “Best Places to Work,” Glassdoor.

Mr. Hohman said this year non-tech companies have been climbing the rankings.

Mr. Hohman commented:

“This is by far the most diverse list we’ve ever seen. There are fewer technology companies and more consulting companies, more health-care companies, more [consumer product goods], more auto, more media companies.”

For a company to get into the top 50, it needs to have a strong corporate culture and united workforce, says Glassdoor. Across the board, people like working with smart and challenging colleagues and in an environment that creates opportunities for growth.

While such goodies as free food and on-campus gyms are welcome, what matter most to people are benefits that affect families, such as paternity/maternity leave.

According to Mr. Hohman, Google has recently extended leave for both fathers and mothers, and overhauled its onsite daycare program.