How To Create A Modern Logo Design That Will Transform Your Branding

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Your logo is the central piece of your business branding. It’s the element that designates your venue and allows people to locate it. You can set up your logo at the entrance of your office, in the lobby or on the facade of the building. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t place any branding items where your employees work or in break rooms, too.

The logo will be a part of the overall design scheme implemented around the business venue. Minimalistic design is as trendy as it’s always been, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. But what’s the best way to design a logo which you’ll use at your workspace?

“Minimalism is still growing in popularity. When combined with illumination, simple designs will shed a new light on your logo design transforming it into a powerful in-house branding display,” say designers at Front Signs, a sign-maker with a diverse portfolio of light box signs in Los Angeles and across the US.

So how should you create a bright minimalistic logo and what are the advantages it’ll bring to your business?

What’s minimalism?

The first step of designing your business logo is knowing what minimalism revolves around. Minimalism is one of the major interior design styles that has been trending for years now. This style focuses on the matter of necessity. It’s about presenting a clean, elegant and tidy space. It also gets rid of any unnecessary clutter in an area. Imagine it this way; if you were designing an office in a minimal style, you’d place chairs, desks and cabinets, the colors would be bright and include white, beige and gray. You wouldn’t find much else that would take up additional space, you wouldn’t even find the stacks of paper on tables which used to be a “key feature” of offices in the past.

The same idea applies to minimal logos. Let it be clean and clear. The simpler it is the more it’ll stick in people’s minds. So how are you going to design your logo?

1. Design a simple emblem

When you think of brand logos, which are the ones you can visualize in your mind the fastest? You’ll probably think of the Netflix, Google or YouTube logos. What do they all have in common? They’re simple in their designs and easy to remember. The Netflix emblem is just a large red “N,” the new YouTube emblem is a white play sign on a red background and Google’s is just a capitalized “G” in segments made of different colors. So make sure your emblem is simple and iconic, everyone will remember it for however long you decide to use it.

2. Think of the writing

Some of the most iconic business logos across all industries today include writing. This is mostly the company name. Nowadays, everything from the font to the size of the characters is being kept large, simple and clear. Using your company name on the walls of your office is an excellent way to boost your branding efforts. It’s also an additional element that can help you spruce up your interior and exterior design.

3. Time to combine

Once you’ve decided on an emblem for your company, you can make a logo that combines it with the name of the company or a short slogan. This will provide you with an opportunity to create a classy, elegant logo. This is the trend across all industries at the moment and it seems like this is what the future of branding is going to revolve around.

4. Light it up

Your logo is the shining beacon that represents your company in a sea of competition, it’s what separates you from everyone else. One of the best things you can do with your logo is illuminate it. Lighting pulls attention directly towards your logo. It will make it shine. If the area surrounding your logo is dark, the logo will look even more bold.

Your branding will be the epitome of elegance and class. The appearance of your logo will go a long way in boosting your business, and it is proven that LED lights do wonders for your branding.

Advantages of lit minimalistic logos

Now that you know how to create a quality business logo, you should explore the advantages it can bring to your business.

A business logo placed outside your business venue on the face of your building can guide customers straight to your doorstep. It can attract passersby and lead them inside. It’ll raise your brand awareness and make your business better known to the public.

Any logo outside your venue is great for business, but an illuminated branding element will work to your advantage around the clock. It’ll provide you with around the clock visibility showing everyone where you are even in the dark of night.

As for the logos you place within your office, they’ll reinforce your overall branding efforts by implanting your brand image into the minds of your customers, visitors and employees alike.

Complement the minimalist logo design you have inside your offices with a matching interior design. A minimal design is all about necessity and blocking out the extra noise. It’s easier to clean and maintain because you don’t have any useless items lying around taking up more space. This style is also proven to provide employees with a boost in motivation and productivity.

Final Words

If you want a modern, stress and clutter free working environment which will motivate your employees and boost their productivity, then a minimal design is right for you. Complement this design with illuminated logos displaying your brand name and an emblem in a matching style. This will raise brand awareness and increase your popularity with customers, ultimately giving your business the boost it needs to succeed in today’s competitive market.

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