The Essential Guide to Social Media Branding for Small Business

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After dedicating numerous hours crafting the perfect logo for your company or project, the big reveal is an exhilarating moment. But remember, the journey doesn’t end here. To truly shine and maintain a cohesive brand image, there’s a bit more work to do – from pinpointing the ideal spot to showcase your logo to deciding how best to present your brand.

Not got a logo yet? No problem! Logaster’s logo maker can whip one up for you in no time. And as for branding your social media pages for that personal touch? You’re in the right place.

Why You Need a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media is a powerhouse for brand promotion, spotlighting businesses, influencers, events, and more. Creating a robust online reputation demands consistent effort – from sharing company updates and interesting tidbits about your industry to keeping your audience in the loop on local happenings and special deals. Your aim? Present your brand in its best light.

Your ability to network is key here. Cultivating your social media presence draws in clients, partners, employees, and investors. Plus, social media provides a speedy and digestible way to convey information.

Gathering client feedback highlights your strengths and areas for improvement, while prompt responses boost your brand’s reliability. Put in the effort, and a loyal following – an invaluable asset – is well within reach.

Boosting your SEO with regular, unique content can also lift your pages up search rankings. Plus, effective social media use can enhance your other marketing efforts, breathing life into your corporate blog, newsletters, webinars, and offline events.

Picking the Right Platforms

Each social network offers a unique set of features and engagement methods. But how to choose the right one(s) for your brand? Here’s a guide:

  • Align with Your Business: Different platforms suit different products. Think YouTube for art, Instagram for fashion and beauty, SoundCloud for music, and Facebook for a variety of goods and services.
  • Check the Analytics: Use web analytics to see which platforms could drive traffic to your site. You don’t have to be everywhere – just where it counts.
  • Consistent Branding: Whichever platforms you choose, ensure your pages are filled with relevant information and branded designs for instant recognizability.
  • Strategize Your Communication: Tailor your approach for each channel – articles and news on Facebook, product sales on Instagram, and connecting via video on YouTube, for instance.

Why Your Social Media Pages Need to Look Good

Standing out on social media isn’t just about having an account. High-quality content is key. Internet users are bombarded with brand logos and images daily. To grab attention, you need appealing, useful social media pages.

Creating company images customized for different platforms lets you control your brand’s perception. And remember, branded content trumps generic – it’s a surefire way to build customer loyalty.

Social Media Branding Tips

Once your goals are set and your pages are up, it’s time to personalize with unique content. Here’s how:

  • Stay Consistent: Use the same style across all pages. Consistency helps with brand recognition.
  • Tailor Your Graphics: Adjust your graphics to suit each platform’s requirements. Logaster can provide appropriately sized logos.
  • Simplify When Necessary: If your profile picture needs to be small, opt for a simplified logo version to stay legible.
  • First Impressions Count: Ensure your profile picture and cover image have matching designs. This is what visitors notice first.
  • Strategic Placement: Try to keep your corporate designs in the same page area.
  • Use Your Cover Image Wisely: It’s prime real estate for important information like discounts and special offers.
  • Test Across Devices: Ensure your content displays correctly on different devices to avoid damaging your brand’s appeal.

Adding Your Logo to Social Platforms: A Quick Guide

Adding your logo to your social pages is crucial, and getting the image dimensions right is key. Below are the recommended dimensions for major platforms in 2019, along with quick how-tos for adding logos:


  • Profile image: 170 x 170 px
  • Cover image: 820 x 312 px
  • Upload a PNG logo and use the platform’s tools to add and edit your images.


  • Profile image: 400 x 400 px
  • Cover image: 1500 x 500 px
  • Ensure your logo is the right size, then upload and edit as needed.


  • Profile image: 110 x 110 px
  • Ensure your logo is the right size, then upload via the “Edit Profile” section.


  • Profile image: 800 x 800 px
  • Cover image: 2560 x 1440 px
  • Adjust your logo size, then upload via the “My Channel” section.


  • Profile image: 400 x 400 px
  • Company logo: Adjust size as needed, then upload via the “Edit Profile” section of your company page.


  • Profile image: 165 x 165 px
  • Adjust your logo size, then upload via the “Settings” menu.

Wrapping Up

Marketing evolves with technology, and social media is a crucial part of that evolution. It’s a tool to connect with your audience across various platforms. Quality trumps quantity. Develop a solid long-term strategy and create content that resonates to build and maintain your visitor base. This guide is here to help you make your brand stand out and forge strong connections with your audience. Happy branding!

Video – What is a brand?

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