Tories back in lead with 34% versus 31% for Labour in Ashcroft poll

The latest Ashcroft National Poll puts the Tories back in the lead with 34%, three percentage points clear of Labour at 31%. UKIP are at 14% after gaining two points, while the Lib-Dems remain unchanged at 7%.

The Greens dropped one point to 7%, and the SNP stood still at 4%.

The survey asked people which of the two parties would bring about “a significant fall in immigration to the UK,” only 26% named the Tories, while 60% thought that neither Labour nor the Conservatives would.

Just 25% of Labour and 38% of Conservative supporters though immigration was more likely to decline significantly under their own party.

Ashcroft Poll

Source: Lord Ashcroft Polls

When asked which party would bring “Strong economic growth, with more jobs and higher incomes,” 36% said the Tories versus 21% who thought Labour would.


Fifty-four percent of Labour voters though strong economic growth was more likely with their party, compared to 80% of Tory voters who thought it was more likely with a Conservative government.

When asked which party would be better at getting people from welfare benefits into work, 45% said the Tories and 16% Labour.

Political Ashcroft Poll

The Ashcroft National Poll – 2 March 2015

Forty percent of respondents thought Labour would be better at tackling tax avoidance by rich people and companies, compared to just 15% who mentioned the Tories.

Labour got 37% of respondents mentioning them as the best party for improvements in the NHS, versus just 13% thinking the Conservatives would do a better job.