6 Tech Essentials for your Startup

Tech essentials for your startup image for article 1111The startup industry was practically founded on technology, so it’s safe to assume that your business will need to use technology in order to function and succeed in the current landscape. But which technologies are necessary and which ones are just “fluff”? It can be hard to navigate this topic, but if you want to stay in line with your budget and efficiency goals, it’s a good idea to separate the essential from the nonessential items.

In this post, we’ll be discussing 6 tech must-haves that are worth investing in as a small business owner.

1. Flexible devices

Whether you’re running a digital marketing agency or a carpet cleaning service, most companies these days rely on technology in order to keep their business in operation. In previous decades, clunky desktops were the main staple in the workplace, but there are much sleeker and more affordable all in one computers and laptops that take up less space while maximizing flexibility and efficiency.

If your workplace follows the 9-5 structure, desktop computers may make sense for your staff, but if your team works remotely, a laptop would give them the freedom to work in and out of the office. No matter which style you choose, be sure to read through the reviews to see if the device would suit your work environment.

2. Seamless connection

Since your business needs technology in order to function, it’s no question that your space needs to have reliable internet service. If you work in a medium sized office space, a download speed of 10-12 Mbps is recommended while smaller spaces should find 3 Mbps service to be sufficient.

3. IoT efficiency

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken over tech development in recent years. In the most basic sense, it’s the technology that allows your devices to connect to one another and learn from your usage patterns. There are tons of cool technologies that have come out of this advancement, such as Google Nest, smart watches, and fitness trackers. How do these tools help your business?

Google Nest is a perfect example. By learning your habits and allowing you to access functionality remotely, this device can save you money on your utility bills and allow you to funnel your funds toward business development instead.

4. Communication tools

No matter what kind of business you run, you can likely agree that miscommunication is where most of your issues lie. To avoid missed messages and foster a culture of open communication, a messaging system is a must. Messaging systems allow you to get quick internal updates without the formality of email, plus they also foster a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. Just be sure that your staff knows that it’s supposed to function primarily as a work tool.

5. Marketing automation

As you know, managing day to day operations is challenging enough as it is, so much so that factoring business development in can seem virtually impossible. But generating leads is essential to keeping your business afloat.

One workaround is taking advantage of marketing automation tools. These user-friendly platforms allow you to schedule out campaigns, track sales, and look for growth opportunities all in one place. Whether you like to communicate with customers via social media or through email marketing, a marketing automation tool can help you set your sales and marketing into motion seamlessly.

6. Trustworthy advice

No matter how experienced you are in business development, there comes a point in every entrepreneur’s career where you need some sound advice to help you make structural or financial decisions. Some business owners have their own personal advisors to go to with questions, but if you’re in need of a helping hand with nowhere to turn, you might seek business advice online.

Thankfully, there are plenty of forums and resources for small business owners to gain insight from seasoned professionals. Clarity is one tool you can use to set up phone calls with experts in your field to get advice on a number of topics, including entrepreneurship, marketing strategy, and even public speaking tips!

Tech essentials for your startup image for article 2111Key takeaways

Running your own startup is challenging through and through, but finding helpful tools can help make your operation run more efficiently. Use these tips to guide you toward effective tech tools that can boost your startup in 2020.

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